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 Motto: "Music is everybody's!" (Zoltán Kodály)


David's Guitar Portal


Hello!    Welcome to


This website is designed to allow people to love this beautiful, unique and incomparable musical instrument which is considered by many to be the most sensitive and most sensuous as well as the oldest one of contemporary guitar-types. 


Personally I got acquainted with classical guitar more than one and a half decades ago, and after a long intermission I recommenced to learn the guitar-playing. When the Internet was still in its infancy, there were hardly any homepage which would have been made for the express purpose of dealing with classical guitars. However, over the years the Internet has become an exhaustible resource of information, therefore one after the other, more and more websites and articles have appeared in similar topics.


On this portal I have been trying to collect all the information from the Internet that are related to classical guitar and that I reckon as useful and interesting. Anyone who is interested in rock music or other types of guitar, e.g. acoustic or electric guitars, can find things - that (s)he is interested in - on other sites, but anybody whose target is classical guitar can find a lot of things here: the link collections can be seen in the left column, grouped by topics. The students can find a huge amount of music scores and much more interesting things. I particularly recommend the videos where beautiful recordings can be watched by clicking the middle of the image. Surfing on the guitar portals subpage you can lose count of time easily. You can even buy online rare guitar sheet-music, and maybe I can show something new to experienced guitar teachers, too, by giving the web-addresses of guitar makers in Hungary and all over the world.

The classical (or in some places: Spanish) guitar is not only one of the most beautifully sounding instrument, but it's also one of the most difficult to learn to play it. Bear in mind that a piano student is immediately able to find any tones on the instrument in the first few hours, however it can even take months or even years for a prospective guitarist to learn the precise location of the tones on the fretboard. And this represents only the basics.

For a really nice guitar-playing you have to learn such sophisticated techniques which requires so much practice that might seem to be almost endless. It'll do a good turn to have a master who explains everything thoroughly as well as some talent should be needed so that the sound that the stripling apprentice brings out of the instrument, can convince anyone who has a keen sence of hearing. There are people who like Spanish guitar music and people who are enthralled by classical pieces and even who are interested in contemporary XX.century pieces. Everybody decides his/herself what (s)he will find beautiful, the important thing is to take delight in music, should (s)he be either a student or a listener of music. I wish Good Luck and Stamina to prospective and current guitar-students and same to the guitar-teachers for their work! 


Yours faithfully,


David  L.  Balazs
editor of website


WIKIPEDIA: This is the protagonist of the website: the classical guitar.

Parts of the guitar



gitározik=play the guitar


hangol=tune instrument


RÉSZEK A GITÁRON (Parts of the guitar)

1.) gitárfej=guitar's head

a) hangolókulcsok=tuning peg / turner+key?

b) nyereg=nut / saddle

2.) gitárnyak=guoar's neck

a) fogólap=handle+flat

b) érintők=touchings

3.) gitártest=guitar's body

a) hátlap=back+wainscot

b) oldallap=side+surface

c) fedlap=roofing+flat

d) hanglyuk=sound+hole / note+gap / sound+opening?

e) húrláb=string+foot

f) húrok=strings



1.) Beautiful orchids and guitar music



2.) Joachin Rodrigez: Concerto de Aranjuez (part)


3. ) "Cavatina" from  "The Deer Hunter" movie


 Videos are from

All Google ads that can be read on are published by the web-host on its own, because their appearance is binding on these free websites. Not a single registered user has no say at all in choosing the promoted services, products, companies - including me, either. I apologize in advance for all the miscellaneous random offers that are appearing irrespectively of me and for such advertising aspects that do not match the sub-pages of my Guitar Portal. I hope that the ads will not disturb the pastime of site-visitors that is hoped to be useful and pleasant. Yours faithfully, the editor: David L. Balazs.



Egyetértés=Agreement, concord, harmony

Ellenvélemény=Contray opinion

Ellenvetés=Objection (to), Protest (against)

Ellenzés=Opposition (to), disappoval (of)

Kölcsönös egyetértés=Mutual understanding

Vélemény=opinion, wiew

Véleményeltérés=Dissent, dissension, statement, difference of opinion


Név=NAME/ Cím=adress=Only e-mail! / Szöveg=text / Kód= Code /



Bye, bye! BDL






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